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Top 6 Must visit Geek or Game Event in the world in 2020

Top 6 Must visit Geek or Game Event in the world in 2020

The year 2019 is passed and I hope you all had a great year! A decade flew by and it’s time to enter the year 2020. This year is all about exploring more places, visiting more cool events and check out more geek spots. Even though online I have met most of my friends, but hanging out with them OFFLINE is where you create memories that you will never forget.

This Top 6 Geek or Game Event in the world in 2020“, bucket list as you may also call it can be used as a guideline for you to visit memorable geek, game, comic and Anime con in the year 2020.

Elfia – Haarzuilens 2020

What: Fantasy, Cosplay Event
When: 25 – 26 Apr 2020
Where: Haarzuilens, The Netherlands
Link: https://geekevents.nl/events/elfia-haarzuilens-2020/

This event is close to home and it deserves to be on the ultimate list. Elfia is one of my favorite fantasy events of all time. It’s an event that is held on castle ground in Haarzuilens where everything is turned into a fantasy. during Elfia you see different kinds of people with different kinds of cosplay. From young grasshoppers to older established cosplayers. Steampunk princes, Disney cosplay, Vikings, Larpers, animated cosplay and so much more. You will not be disappointed by all these creative creatures. With a huge music stage, an area where you can check out eagles, owls, and other killer birds. Eat delicious weed burgers.
Click here for more info.

elfia logo

Lucca Comics & Games

What: Cosplay, Anime, Comic Convention
When: 28 Oct – 01 Nov 2020
Where: Lucca, Italy
Link: https://geekevents.nl/events/lucca-comics-games-2020/

Lucca Comics and Games is a convention that you probably never seen or heard of. And still, it’s one of Europe’s biggest convention. In a Tuscany area in Italy surrounded by high walls, the whole city is a convention. Not a venue like all the other geek events. No, my friend, the whole city is into this fun stuff. With a population of 88.000 people, you can find boutique clothing shops, bakeries, coffee shops are turned into a comic, games related unique stage setting. I was mesmerized by it all. These Italians know how to throw a party.

Everywhere you go in the city there was something to do. Each area has its own theme. With a cool cosplay parade on the wall and shops to buy things that you never thought you needed. Just a weekend is not enough to explore out every corner of the city. Do take good walking shoes with you, because the distance is quite a walk. But absolute worth your while. Everything is in Italian, so if you want to buy some Manga, you might just check out the drawings instead of reading.
Click here for more info.

Secret Cinema – Stranger Things

What: Movie Experience
When: 01 Nov 2019 – 29 Feb 2020
Where: London, UK
Link: https://geekevents.nl/events/secret-cinema-presents-stranger-things/

Secret Cinema presents Stranger Things. Gather your friends, pack your backpack and grab your walkie talkies. Hawkins needs you.

In a secret London location, dive into a living, breathing story to experience your favorite moments from the Netflix original series. New and old tales will blend together in a thrilling collage of the greatest decade for music, fashion and film.

Travel back to the ‘80s as you step into the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. But don’t be deceived by its charming exterior. In a town built on secrets, you may be surprised to discover a more sinister truth than you had ever imagined.

Do you want a more immersive experience with cinema, entertainment, and secrecy? Then Secret Cinema is the experience for you. It’s only for a few months with a certain theme and after that it’s GONEEEE. DONT MISS OUT!
Click here for more info.

secret cinema stranger things


What: Game Vacation
When: 13 Jul – 17 Jul 2020
Where: Miami, USA
Link: https://geekevents.nl/events/gacucon-game-cruise-2020/

If you like board games, video games, everything geek and cruise then you would love Gacucon game cruise. A 5-day luxury cruise for all your geekery, comics, and games but on a BOAT. From Miami to the Bahamas. Click here for more info. There are several geek or game cruises. For example;

Cruise of Thrones
When: September 2020
Where: Several spots in Europe
Link: https://geekevents.nl/events/cruise-of-thrones/

This exclusive luxury cruise is ready to set sail, visiting Game of Thrones filming locations throughout Europe.  Two unique itineraries will travel through Iceland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Malta, and Croatia.
Click here for more info.

Kingslanding – Dubrovnik Croatia


What: Geek Concert
When: 23 – 25 Oct 2020
Where: London, UK
Link: https://geekevents.nl/events/star-wars-return-of-the-jedi-in-concert-2020/

If you are just like me and you love the music that they produce for some movies or games then you might like Star Wars in concert. The London Symphony Orchestra, led by Ludwig Wicki brings you on a memory lane or amazing flashbacks of the movie Return of the Jedi. Some concerts demonstrate a live Jedi lightsaber fight to enhance the music experience.
Click here for more info. There will also be a Star Wars concert in Amsterdam.

We hope this list “Top 6 Must visit Geek or Game Event in the world in 2020” gives you inspiration to go check out cool events that might have not heard of.

By Joëlla

Founder of Find Geek Spots & Geek Events | Cat mom of MoMo | Travel Addict | Geek by heart | PlayStation tattoo / 5 tattoos in total | From Dimension C-137 | AKA Yoemiie |

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