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What’s it Like: Visiting London Film & Comic-Con 2019

What’s it Like: Visiting London Film & Comic-Con 2019

This year, I attended the 2019 edition of London Film And Comic-Con was held at Olympia London, London and lasted from 26th-29th July. The three-day event, ranked fairly high on the list of places I never thought I’d find myself.

I’ve always wanted to visit the LFCC, especially for their exclusive guest Talks, which offers attendees the opportunity to meet their favorite actors and actresses and ask them questions. This year, included big names in Hollywood, like Jason Mamoa, Tom Ellis, Ben Barnes, Gina Torres and more. I was so excited, and looking forward to finally meeting with some of them.

Who am I with, The Dirtees?

Accompanying me, throughout my time at the convention, were Frida, and Melvin from Dirtees. This was the first time I got to have proper conversations and experience the convention alongside my friends.

Frida her mission was to make as many pictures and collect their autograph with her favorite actor. Melvin attends most European Geek Events to sell Geek t-shirts.

After visiting a lot of conventions, I can admit that many Comic-Cons are mostly alike. Generally, there are large areas where you can purchase incredible merchandise from various stands. You can also view and partake guest panels & talks, obtain signatures or take pictures with your favorite actors, creators, artists and more. This convention, in particular, was really well attended and had especially awesome merchandise up for grabs.

What are we buying?

I can sincerely exclaim that I purchased the coolest stuff at LFCC. Anyone, who truly knows me also knows of my adoration of Game of Thrones (GOT) and that I own a lot of merchandise from the series. Despite my best efforts, I broke my rule and dropped some serious coin on several items, including GOT merchandise.

One particular item, I was looking for during the LFCC, was the Hand of the King/Queen pin, worn by several characters in GOT series, including Lord Tyrion Lannister, played by actor Peter Dinklage. My previous pin had been confiscated by the airline KLM, for being too sharp. That’s is fair. Which in the world of GOT, would technically classify this as a weapon.

Therefore, my intent was to get my hand on another Hand of the King/Queen pin, during the convention because I missed it a lot. Well… even after visiting several stands, intensively searching and asking attendees and stand owners, alike throughout the con, l sadly ran out of time and luck. But fortunately, I did manage to obtain a Dragon Queen and House Stark-pins (which you can view here, on my Instagram). With these prizes in hand, I’ve set my future sights on purchasing pins from each House, respectively.

Fun with the Devil

Albeit they were several guest Talks spread throughout the LFCC, none that I attended were as entertaining and delightful as that with Aimee Garcia and Tom Ellis from Lucifer, produced and viewable on Netflix.

And how… We did have so much fun with the Devil. Prior to entering the Q&A round, Ellis wanted really took time to speak and share with present fans. He did a bit, where he explains, that he “got a lot of t-shirts from his fans, but he doesn’t have any room left for it at home”. Therefore, he had worn seven t-shirts with had his smell and DNA on it and released them to the audience who attended the talk. Like a game of musical chairs, he played music and when it stopped whichever, audience member, he was in front of received a t-shirt. It was a simple but nice memorable gesture by the star. Audience members, included me, won’t quite forget this particular highpoint of the con. All-in-all, there were several other solid guest talks throughout the weekend, and all the comic ones were free. (Verify)

Overall experience, my experience at the LFCC was incredible. It far exceeded my expectations. It was well-organized, had great guests, and a good vibe. If you ever have the time to visit London Film & Comic-Con please go and check it out. It’s so worth your time and money.

By Joëlla

Founder of Find Geek Spots & Geek Events | Cat mom of MoMo | Travel Addict | Geek by heart | PlayStation tattoo / 5 tattoos in total | From Dimension C-137 | AKA Yoemiie |

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