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Geek Things to do in Cologne – Gamescom, Meltdown Cafe and more

Geek Things to do in Cologne – Gamescom, Meltdown Cafe and more

August is an important geek and game month in Germany because of the world largest game event, Gamescom will start. This geek guide will help you spot some cool geek spots and geek things to do in Cologne – Germany.

With more than 300.000 geeks visiting that week to check out their favorite game, play upcoming games or do business.

What is this ‘Gamescom’ you speak of?

Gamescom is a yearly big European trade fair for digital games. Big names like Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC come together to highlight new and upcoming games or DLC (downloadable content). Everything around the game scene including selling games, game development, game/geek community, game news, game accessories, e-sports and more. You get the picture. It’s basically the E3 for Europe.

You can buy game, geek or pop culture merchandise at the event. Make green screen pictures for you as a reminder how an awesome time you had at Gamescom. 5 days of games, fun, networking, German bratwurst, and connection.

Most geeks and gamers stay a few days in Cologne. But what can you do more than just eat Schnitzel and play games during that week?

Geek Things to do in cologne

Cologne is one of the game cities in the world. Next to Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, Amsterdam, and a few others. They have several geek and game spots to hang out like an e-sports bar, arcade halls, Zombie laser game, BuddyBash entertainment center and a few more cool geek spots.

When in Cologne visit…

Every year when I go to Gamescom I always stop by at Meltdown Cafe downtown. A cool e-sports bar where you can play video games with friends. I always meet new people there to connect with. They have PC, different consoles or you just watch E-sports on the TV. Don’t forget to try their signature game-related cocktails!

If you are more into Zombies, then visit Zombie Swat for some laser tag shooting. Dress like the characters from the Walking Dead to create your own zombie scenery.

Want to challenge your friends for some ‘friendly’ games and challenges you might like Buddy Bash. At BUDDY BASH  you compete as a lone fighter or in a team in many competitions in the areas of skill, sport, tactics, and knowledge. With puzzle-like games, kart riding, Supermario racing with physical small karts, archery shooting and few other games.

I have a rule that where ever I go I buy a comic book shop as a reminder and souvenir. Pin Up Comics and More has different kind of comics, manga, vintage comics and graphic novels. BUT REMEMBER…they are German translated.

Last but not least an arcade called Giga Center. You can’t be a geek or gamer and not visit an arcade. But not only the usual like racing games, shooters and such. They also offer Virtual Reality with Virtuix Omni.

Whatever you are going to do, enjoy your amazing time at Gamescom. Gamescom is one of my favorite game events and also my very first one MANY years go. If you haven’t purchased your ticket, please click here.

By Joëlla

Founder of Find Geek Spots & Geek Events | Cat mom of MoMo | Travel Addict | Geek by heart | PlayStation tattoo / 5 tattoos in total | From Dimension C-137 | AKA Yoemiie |

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